The Babine River Foundation supports community projects and partners with conservation initiatives that align with our mission to maintain the wilderness integrity of the Babine Watershed.

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photo: Ken Morrish

photo: Ken Morrish


The Wild Salmon Center in Portland, Oregon sees the Skeena Watershed as one of the last salmon strongholds of the North Pacific. The Center identifies the strongest wild salmon rivers in the Northern California to Alaska and the Russian Far East to Japan to the geographies. Through local alliances, the Center leverages its scientific, political, legal, fundraising and communications expertise to secure areas under threat.

photo: Ken Morrish

photo: Ken Morrish


Since 2007, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust has been engaged in creating a global model of sustainability on the Skeena.  Working with governments, First Nations, local communities and individuals, the Trust seeks to protect habitats and species, conducts scientific research, collaborates to manage sustainable fisheries, and engages with local communities to plan for the long term.

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Youth on the Water (YOW!) is the signature program of the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, a charity based at Old Hazelton, BC. It is dedicated to introducing young people to the spiritual, ecological and economic significance of local waterways. Through swift water rafting and other outdoor activities, YOW! reconnects teenagers, especially those with First Nations’ heritage, to the realities of wild river ecosystems, with relevant skills and scientific knowledge, including awareness of the economics of fisheries, tourism, and extractive industries.