Babine River Foundation

Foundation Reports

We commissioned two reports: a forestry issues and opportunities analysis and an economic impact study. In addition we have recently completed a Lodge client survery to determine the amount of additional spending by fishing clients of the Babine River Fishing lodges. Our studies prove the economic value of the lodges and indicate that there are a wealth of resources in the Babine which require additional protection. These resources include wilderness fishing and wildlife resources and water quality. These resources are key to sustaining the economic benefits that flow to the region and the Province from wilderness tourism on the Babine.

We recognize that these reports are the beginning of a much more ambitious research and monitoring schedule. We have started by learning from the past and addressing gaps in information. In the future we hope to apply the lessons of the past and develop solutions that will address some of the short-comings of previous plans.

The following are executive summaries of our reports:

From Problem to Opportunity: Sustaining High Quality Wilderness Angling in the Babine River PDF

The Economic Value of the Babine River Corridor With and Without a Protective Buffer PDF

The following are other reports commissioned by the foundation:

A review of the Fisheries Resources of Nichyeskwa Creek PDF