Babine River Foundation

Make a Donation

If you would like to donate to help protect the Babine River …..

The BRF accepts donations as cheques or money orders. If you would like a charitable tax receipt, please write “BRF” in the memo section of the cheque and make it out to one of these 2 organizations:

  1. “Save the Babine” if you are a US donators and wish to receive a charitable receipt
  2. “The Bulkley Valley Centre” if you are a Canadian donator and wish to receive a charitable receipt

contact the Babine River Foundation for more details.

The BRF Funding Formula:

All three commercial steelhead operations on the Babine River charge a surcharge as part of their weekly package price. In this way all guests are supporters of the Babine River Foundation and the Babine Watershed Monitoring Trust

In addition to the surcharge, some guests give generously above and beyond the surcharge. Every dollar counts and is accounted for. The total budgets for both the BRF and the BWMT are way below the ideal for the research, protection and conservation of the Babine watershed, but a difference from the status quo is being made, and there are real and tangible differences on the “ground” that we can be proud of.

Since the BRF does engage in some lobbying, it does not qualify for charitable status. However there are two groups that support the Babine and they do qualify for charitable status and the issuance of tax receipts. If a tax receipt is a concern of yours, please inquire with us so that we can explain how to best achieve your desired tax strategy.

For every two dollars donated to the BWMT, the BC government donates one dollar. Although the BRF does not enjoy this partnership with government, we do have a voice and influence on the land use plans that govern development and conservation of the Babine watershed. Between the support of both the BRF and the BWMT, you have a strong and credible voice in the long-term battle to preserve steelhead, salmon, grizzlies and a host of other fish and wildlife values that make the Babine a unique wilderness quality experience.

Please join us in making a difference at a time when this type of watershed stewardship counts most.