Babine River Foundation


Our Rationale

The rationale for forming the Babine River Foundation can best be expressed in the words of the Directors of the Foundation:

“The Babine is much more than a fishing destination. The lodge and camp representatives of the Babine River Foundation, in cooperation with other interested parties, represent more than tourist values on a very special body of water –We represent sustainable economic hope for the future, on going will to preserve and defend the dwindling wilderness values left in this watershed. We will make a difference. We want to. We are investing our money, time and personal resources to help the government make it happen.”

“Twenty five years ago I planted my heart into the water of the Babine River. The decision to go into business up there was made not much later and on the basis that I believed then what I still know today. In the end all of our human enterprise, growth and development and security is chained to the earth, the natural environment. Only a fool believes otherwise.”

“Almost everything I have worked for is on the Babine; everything I own comes from the river and watershed. I can see the water and the wild steelhead running through it all.”

“There are ecological, political and environmental issues and problems to be solved- There are threats to the watershed as a whole, and its wildlife and fish etc…We want to harmonize relationships between interested parties and competing stakeholders.”

“We want to prove the economic and social contributions of eco tourism in the area and show how these activities have grown in hard dollar value as well as symbolical importance to the community, the province, and Canada as a whole. We want to protect and sustain this contribution”

Specific Objectives

Specific objectives of the Babine River Foundation include:

  1. Maintaining the wilderness values on the Babine River
  2. Providing a single voice for all park use permit holders in the Babine River Corridor Provincial Park.
  3. Liaising with other organizations and government ministries.
  4. Identifying common concerns and forming position papers.
  5. Sharing information and fully understanding positions.
  6. Taking the lead in strategic planning and being pro-active in finding solutions to issues.

Our Basic Premise

  1. The Babine Watershed has extremely high wilderness, wildlife and fisheries resource values.
  2. The Babine River corridor and its major tributaries are the heart of the watershed.
  3. The Babine River provides a wilderness experience that is unique globally and is irreplaceable.
  4. The Babine resource values are vulnerable to deterioration and degradation and some impacts are essentially irreversible.
  5. Management of the Babine watershed warrants a higher standard of sustainability and stewardship to protect and maintain all resource values.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maintain the natural functions and the ecological integrity of the whole Babine River watershed, with a focus on the Babine River Corridor and the adjacent managed forest.