Babine River Foundation

River History and Lodges

The Babine River watershed lies in both Ned’ut’ten and Gitxsan territories. A large portion of the lower reaches of the watershed is the territory of the Gitxsan.

“The richness and diversity of the Babine Watershed has allowed Gitxsan culture to flourish in the area for many millennia. Gitxsan traditionally utilized a number of resource stewardship strategies and techniques designed to promote abundance and reliability in forest, plant, animal and fish resources that they depended upon. Gitxsan population within the watershed was considerable: however, only approximate figures are known.”

The Gitxsan have developed an ecosystem-based community forest planning model which combines Aboriginal knowledge and values with the most up to date scientific information and technology (such as GIS). A Gitxsan Watershed Sustainability Plan is currently being developed for the Babine River watershed.