Babine River Foundation

Help protect the Babine River - home to the world's greatest steelhead fishing

Our Vision

It is the vision of the Babine River Foundation to:

“Maintain the Provincially significant, quality wilderness angling values associated with the Babine River”

Dear Reader,

The Babine is not just another river and not just another watershed. It is a one of a kind, even in a place famous for being uniquely different. It represents the finest section of uninterrupted wilderness trophy steelhead angling anywhere in the world – not just northern BC.

This resource produces significant economic, political, and social benefits to the Smithers, Houston and Terrace communities and beyond, including the Province itself.

There are measurable trends that signal danger now and in the future. It must therefore be protected and insulated from environmental harm as it is integrated into the overall economic processes of the area. There seem to be provisions and processes in BC law and its regulatory agencies for attaining this insulation and protection. There also seems to be philosophical agreement for the protection of such areas.

We formed the Babine River Foundation as a way to achieve this protection and we feel that the Foundation offers us the maximum opportunities to meet our goals. We prefer negotiation to litigation and conflict.

We are committed to a solution which considers all relevant issues, perspectives and “players”. We are seeking ways to maximize our goals and at the same time minimize the impact of these upon the other stakeholders and interest groups. It’s true there is only one Babine, as fragile as it is magnificent. The Babine River Foundation provides a way to explore how to sustain this incredible wild river resource and to protect it for future generations.

The information enclosed in this document is put forward for you, the discerning reader to understand who the Babine River Foundation is, what we care about, and what we are doing to ensure our values and objectives are met. We have started with Frequently Asked Questions, so that you the reader can immediately address areas of interest to you.

This document is a work in progress. There are sections that provide a history of the Directors of the Foundation, and the sports fishing lodges they represent, as well as a history of land use planning on the river. There is a section on our staff and consultants and associates followed by a section on why we formed the foundation, our values and our proposals, along with justification for our proposals in terms of research we have prepared to date.

Finally, we conclude with a section on our vision for the future. This section is the one that is very much a work in progress. As we continue our discussions with government and other interested parties, we will continue to refine our vision and collaborate to ensure that all resource values in the Babine watershed are being sustained.

Above all, we see ourselves as stewards of this great resource. We are here to stay and ensure that the resources we have grown to know and love are also here to stay.


Lani Waller, Silver Hilton Lodge
Billy Labonte & Carrie Collingwood, Babine Norlakes
Chick Stewart, Babine Steelhead Lodge